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“From swimming at Carr school, I have been taking my grand daughter since she was 9 month old and she trusts linzi when she’s in the water”
“My children love her swimming lessons. They have been trying to ‘swim’ in the bath and paddling pool. We miss her fab classes.”
“Our 2 year old has missed his swimming teacher so much. She’s definitely a face he will be so happy to see when she is back up and running.”
“Linzi has taught both my girls to swim and they have loved every second of all of her lessons. Swimming is the one thing that they have really missed during lockdown and cannot wait to start back up.”
“Linzi’s swimming classes are so much fun. We love all the singing, jumping and splashing about to build essential skills in the water. Our little one goes swimming with grandma and Linzi is always so welcoming for kids and adults alike. She never makes the little ones do anything they don’t like but gently encourages and builds their confidence. Linzi had a tough time with injuries keeping her out of the water so we can’t wait to see her back in the pool again.”
“My little girl and I live for our Friday swimming lessons and we’ve really missed being in the pool practicing our tiger arms and singing all her favourite songs with Linzi! Can’t wait til lessons with Linzi can start back up again.”
My two children love learning to swim with Linzi so much and haven’t stopped asking when they can return. Instead we have had to recreate our swimming lessons in the paddling pool, I will be very happy to hand the reigns back to Linzi soon :).
Swimming has been so important to my child and we both miss it and Linzi. It’s just something you can’t recreate at home!
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